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ANFISCO is an agricultural company, which is specialized in production of top quality water soluble chemical fertilizers and in the importation of raw materials needed for fertilizers industry.

Main focus is a production of foliar fertilizers in different formulations, such as: NPK-fertilizers in various combinations, single nutrient fertilizers, and micronutrient mixes. Every fertilizer has special additives inside, which enhance the efficiency of macro-, micro- and secondary nutrients.

ANFISCO has 3 factories in Middle-East and the first factory in Europe starts its production in 2017. First factory for production of foliar fertilizers in Baltic region gives us an opportunity to work closer with our partners and customers, because it will let us customize production depending on local environmental conditions and customer needs. Continuous control over the entire production process, from extraction of raw materials until ready products, ensures excellent solubility, the exact dosage of nutrients needed for a plant at a certain stage, and environmental safety.

ANFISCO is specialized in production of water soluble fertilizers:


ANFISCO maintains 3 research stations in Middle-East, which are aimed for:

  • conduction of breeding programs in order to develop new cultivars of vegetable crops;
  • develop genotypes in different climatic conditions.

Our main interest in research activity around the world is to enhance crop productivity, fruit quality, environmental stress tolerance and resistance to diseases in all countries we operate. Together with our research center we have made trials for different crops in different regions around the world. We have been conducting trials in Baltic region since 2015. Cooperation with key-farmers gave us a good experience and clear understanding about what crops need and how to boost quality and yields.