Anfisco fertilizers



Anfisco fertilizers

What is special in Anfisco foliar applied fertilizers?

Margus Lepp

Production manager / Voore farm

“I´ve used Anfisco fertilizers for several seasons and have been very satisfied with the products. They are easy to apply and mix.”


Darius Klikūnas

Commercial manager / ROKIŠKIO ALIEJINĖ UAB, Lithuania

“Lithuanian farmers are satisfied with the quality of fertilizers. Optimal composition that improves the development of plants increases also the quality of the yield”.




Mati Koppel

Director / Estonian Crop Research Institute

“Liquid fertilizers provide more flexibility in plant nutrition according to their needs.”


Ilze Kalniņa

Sales manager / SIA “ANFISCO”, Latvia

“Anfisco fertilizers perfectly feed plants in all growth stages with any missing micro- or macroelement.”

How it all begun


The Dead Sea

3 million years ago, the area between Israel and Jordan was repeatedly flooded with waters from the Red Sea. As the years went by, the waters collected and formed a narrow, crooked bay that wound through what is now the Jezreel Valley. The floods were sporadic through centuries of climate change and contributed to many geologic changes. Approximately 1 million years later, the land rose in such a way that the ocean could no longer flood the area, and the existing water formed a lake what is now known as the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is the second saltiest body of water in the world, and sits at the lowest point of elevation on earth. The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is well-known for its high volume of minerals and agricultural fertilizers are among the most important export articles. Although arable land forms only 3.4% of the Jordan area, vegetable- growing covers the need of the entire State.

Anfisco worldwide

The waters of the Dead Sea contain a high volume of minerals, which are known for their healing properties. The climate in Jordan is warm, sunny and dry year-round, and is blessed with extraordinarily low pollution. The purity and high concentration of minerals are the key for mineral fertilizers of high quality. ANFISCO is specialized in the production of water soluble liquid, powder, suspension, and organic fertilizers of high quality and has international experience since its establishment in 1993, in Jordan. In addition to our factories in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, ANFISCO has branches also in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, USA, Georgia, Macedonia and is planning to expand its activities in Iran. The main criteria in developing fertilizers are crop yield, quality, and resistance to diseases and unfavorable weather conditions. Fully equipped quality control laboratory along with chemistry laboratory help control quality and efficiency of fertilizers.

Why choose fertilizers for foliar application?

1 kg of foliar applied fertilizer can have the same effect as 10-15 kg of fertilizer in soil!


Advantages of foliar applied fertilizers

  • The most effective due to the structure of a leaf and pores.
  • The fastest way to supply essential nutrients.
  • Promote growth and enhance flowering and fruiting.
  • Foliar absorbed nutrients are immediately available and supply needed microelements for stem and roots.
  • Boost resistance to environmental stress and several plant diseases.
  • Support the efficiency of pesticides and herbicides.

Advantages of Anfisco fertilizers

  • Nutrients are fully available and absorbed by the whole plant.
  • Contain vital macro- and micronutrients along with growth key-elements.
  • Increase tolerance to diseases, stressful conditions, cold, and drought.
  • Various combinations and special formulations for different crops and growth stages.
  • Friendly for environment and plants.


Maximized absorption of nutrients through pores and veins of leaves.


  • Foliar feeding is beneficial in area showing deficiency.
  • Foliar absorbed nutrients are immediately available for stem and roots.
  • No risk of root burn.


  • Long-term performance and nutrient supply.
  • Special additives in each compound help nutrients remain on the surface of each leaf providing maximized feeding.


  • Nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) performed in different ratio, which covers all crop needs.


  • Boron (B), copper (Cu), iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), and zinc (Zn).
    – Chelated with lignosulphonates and EDTA;
    – Accurate concentration for the best quality of crops and balanced nutrition throughout all growth stages.


  • Lignosulphonates are organic chelating agents.
  • Highly effective agents, which maximize absorption by the roots and leaves providing long-term effect.
  • Due to their unique features these compounds are friendly for environment.
  • Lignosulphonates are bio-degradable.
  • Lignosulphonates obtain surfactant properties and contribute
    to improvement of soil.